Terian Image Capture Pro and ID Creator


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Terian Image Capture Pro


  • Fast image capture software
  • Take student pictures in real time
  • Integrate your student ID card data
  • Save yourself time and money



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Terian ID Creator


  • Fast ID card printing software
  • Design professional ID cards with Adobe Indesign
  • Automate data entry by importing your ID card data
  • Use integrated image capture functionality
  • Batch print your ID cards
  • Generate custom reports
  • Save yourself time and money

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Image Capture Pro

Image Capture Pro (ICP) enables you to easily capture student ID photos. By integrating your student ID card data you can quickly and efficiently capture over 360 images an hour, saving both time and money.

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ID Creator

Harnessing the power of Adobe Indesign, ID Creator is the ultimate ID Card production system providing professional design flexibility. Issuing ID Cards for anything from small to large groups is easily handled by ID Creator.