Terian Image Capture Pro and ID Creator


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Terian ID Creator


  • Fast ID card printing software
  • Design professional ID cards with Adobe Indesign
  • Automate data entry by importing your ID card data
  • Use integrated image capture functionality
  • Batch print your ID cards
  • Generate custom reports
  • Save yourself time and money

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Professional Design Flexibility

Harness the power of the industry standard desktop publishing software Adobe Indesign to produce professional quality ID card designs.

Multiple CardTypes Image

Multiple CardTypes

Why use a system that limits the number of Cardtypes you can create? ID Creator allows you to configure any number of cardtypes.

Database Image

Standalone or Server based database

Do you need a standalone deployment, or do you need to support multiple workstations? ID Creator allows you to utilise SQL Server Express for standalone, or deploy on a SQL Server database when more power is required.

Multiple Workstations Image

Mulitple Workstations

Do you require a multi-user system with simultaneous access from multiple locations, by deploying to SQL Server ID Creator supports utilising multiple workstations with individual configurations.

Custom Reports Image

Generate Custom Reports

Utilise the builtin report designer to generate custom report templates. The flexible report designer will allow you to create report templates from simple lists, to full cardtype photo reports.

Shipping Box Image

Shipping and Reporting

Do you need to audit the cards created before sending them to a client? Scan the barcode or magstripe to check the card, then send the card off to the client with a shipping report.

Pie Chart Image

Stats Dashboard

Use the Stats Dashboard to quickly see how many cards each cardtype has had printed for the current day, week, month, or year.

Multiple Operators Image

Multiple Operator Logons

Configure secure access by creating multiple Operator Logons. Each individual can be assigned their own logon credentials.

CSV Data File Import Image

Import and Export Data

Getting data in and out of ID Creator is a breeze with support for importing and exporting data via CSV files directly from within the application.

Photo CD Image

Generate Photo Compilations

Do you have clients that would like a copy of the images utilised for ID cards? You can export Photo Compilations that allow for easy import into student management systems like MUSAC.

Video Camera Image

Integrated Image Capture Functionality

Increase the efficiency of your inline processing by incorporating the use ID Creator's integrated still image capture functionality. The integrated capture functionality improves flexibility in your processing.