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Terian Image Capture Pro



  • Fast image capture software
  • Take student pictures in real time
  • Integrate your student ID card data
  • Save yourself time and money

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Video Camera Image

Still Image Capture

Student images are essential for administration profiles and ID card creation. Terian utilises still image capture to produce stunning images in an instant.

Terian simple interface image

Simple interface

Large or small group capture, capturing images could not be made any easier with Terian's user friendly interface.

Terian Live Preview image

Live Preview Support

Live Preview support assists the operator in capturing the perfect ID photo for every purpose.

Terian Freeze Frame image

Freeze Frame Support

Not sure if the photo was captured? Freeze frame support informs the operator that the image has been captured and is ready to be saved.

Terian CSV Import image

CSV Data File import

Multiple campuses? Large class intake? CSV Data File import can assist with student data integration making image assignment to your database a breeze.

Terian filter image

Filtering by class/year

Filters are effective tools for parsing through a large database. Filters can be set for many datafields including names, ID numbers, classes, year and more.

Terian sort image

Sort data field combinations

Sort your data by first name, surname, ID number or class. Data field sorting combined with physical sorting can improve the efficiency of the image capture process.

Terian lookup image

Lookup by ID Number

Having trouble finding a student record? ID Number lookup can find what you're looking for in an instant.

Terian simultaneous save image

Simultaneous save to multiple files

Tired of saving a file multiple times? Terian is capable of saving your captured images in multiple locations all at once saving you the hassle of backing up.

Support for displaying old photos

Terian provides support for displaying old photos linked from a database along with live image capture.

Terian Crop image

Device border cropping

Some analog devices add black borders around images. Terian's device border cropping feature eliminates the border avoiding manual cropping.

Terian JPEG image

JPEG output support

Terian utilises JPEG as it provides a balance between image quality and size.

Terian DirectShow API support image

DirectShow API Support

DirectShow application programming interface (API) is a media-streaming architecture. Terian utilises DirectShow API support from user devices so high-quality image capture can be achieved.

Terian user configuration image

User customised configuration

Custom settings and preferences make operators more efficient. Terian operator customised configuration allows operators to adapt settings to their own style.